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CCTV monitoring isn’t enough! You and your family need personal security.

Tuko is a trustworthy name when hiring 24/7 personal protection guards in London. Our first-class trained residential security and executive protection guards are accustomed to working with high-profile and high-risk individuals and families.

Zealously trained in conflict management, combat, and advanced first-aid, Tuko enlists the best bodyguard services in London. Private security guards are trained and prepared to act appropriately in situations like kidnapping, assault, terrorist threats, etc. Our mission is to KEEP YOU SAFE at all costs!

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Personal Protection Professionals

Private Security Service In London

Dedicated to offering experienced and trusted bodyguards for hire, Tuko brings the finest security services across London. We only enlist guards with proper training, certification, and experience in protecting you, your property, assets, and loved ones.

When you hire on Tuko, you can expect to receive tailored private security solutions every time!

- One-click booking
- Quick solutions
- Secured online payments
- Highly skilled professionals
- Low costs

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