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Wondering who would take care of your paw-friend while you’re away on a vacation or at work?


Trusting any other “pet-lover” person doesn’t mean that they’ll care for your pet like a baby. You need someone who is certified to proffer services like pet care, pet sitting, dog care, cat care, dog sitting, dog daycare, dog walking, house sitting, and much more.


Hire a pet sitter on the Tuko app after examining their detailed profile, personal information, ratings & review. These neighborhood sitters will play with your pet, exercise, groom, love, and feed them as if they are their pets!


You’d get no cause to worry because every pet-sitter on Tuko is verified. They have undergone strict background checks to ensure they are well fitted for the job. The specialists are pet first aid certified to keep your fur-baby safe at all times!

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Well, this app is very easy to use. Let's throw light on the working of the app.

You can connect with the best 5-star rated pet sitters in London with the Tuko app. No matter where you are in London, Tuko lets you hire the most loving pet sitter in your neighborhood.


Trust Tuko if you want to hire individually reviewed pet sitters, book affordable & personalised pet care, and get on-the-spot professional drop-ins.

  • - Instant service booking

  • - Same-day service on-demand

  • - Safe online payment methods

  • - Certified professionals

  • - World-class support

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