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Get fit, find a new dance hobby, be inspired by the dancing shows on TV, or meet new people everything is quick and at your fingertips by downloading the app.

Reach your dance goals with hundreds and thousands of Dance Classes, includes Hip Hop dance classes, Popping, Contemporary, Jazz, Salsa, Latin Dance, Adult dance classes, Couples dance classes, and Courses, and more. Connect from our top-rated Dance Courses in just few taps. Register and Signup with the app to get unlimited access to the full range of Dance Instructors near you in London.

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What Makes Us Unique From Others?

The app connects you with the top-rated Dance Courses in London that has first class facilities with ample room to provide a superb dance environment. Everything is geared on making you a better dancer while still having fun.

- Whether you're a newbie or a pro, here are the best places to throw some shapes in the city. The Advanced search filters you with your favourite Dance Classes.

- Unlimited access to the Dance lessons near you available at affordable price plans.

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