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The lessons can be delivered at your house, place of business, or the yoga studio. Individual needs, such as weight loss, injury rehabilitation, pregnancy, toning, post-natal recovery, etc., are the main emphasis of each session.

The app has listed some of the London's best yoga and meditation classes that have mindfulness instructors, each of which was hand - selected for their expertise, subject-matter passion, and experience.

We look forward to greeting you soon, whether you're a total novice, an experienced yogi, or just looking to join a Mediation and Mindfulness Courses.

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Meditation & Yoga Classes in London

Access hundreds of Yoga and Meditation Classes and programs with top instructors and learn at your convenience.

- Delivering group lessons with some of the top trainers in London and 1:1 coaching sessions that were all created with you in mind.

- Meditate with Guided Meditations

- Our all classes we make it a point to maintain the highest levels of morality and honesty while we provide these services.

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