How to create a Tuko user account

To register a Tuko Super App as a user, please follow these steps:
>Download the download application on your phone
>Open app and click Register button
>Enter required information, such as full name, email, phone number, address and confirm your location. Click Continue.
>Activate account with confirmation code we send via SMS
>Then your account is ready to use!


Tuko Super app is equipped with a simple working flow, efficient way to get any service that you need instantly right from the convenience of your homes!

We hope you have a good experience with Tuko.

CHOOSE SERVICE: Once you are inside the app, you can now choose the type of service for which you wish to hire a service provider. The app is also integrated with digital payment options so that you can pay using card or wallet in addition to cash.

TRACK YOUR JOB: Once you book your service, whether it is a taxi or any other options from the ones listed in the app, you can get a real time tracking functionality. You can now track Drivers / Service Providers in real time basis on Map. 

ITS DONE!! After the service has been rendered, the user gets a notification informing of the same. The User is now free to give a rating or a review to the driver/ provider/ store at the end of the order/ ride request.