How does Tuko Taxi work? All advantages 

If you are in Kampala you’ve probably read or heard about Tuko Super App, Instead of chasing down a taxi on a street, or calling and waiting for a car service, Tuko Super App can get you a car from any location and have it arrive in minutes. Tuko doesn’t even need to ask you for an address. It knows where you are.

If you’re traveling around Kampala or when you’re hanging out, there are always people using Tuko Super App. All you need to do is to know your location and where you are going . We are convinced that once you start using Tuko Taxi, you won’t want anything else.

Tuko is always available

You’re at a party, it’s just before midnight. You look at your watch for the umpteenth time. You really must catch that last bus, but there’s still so much happening, and you haven’t even finished your drink yet. All of that will soon be history. With Tuko Taxi, you can party 24/7 without worrying about making your way home!

Sharing a ride with friends

Often, it’s not just you going to the party, so why not share your ride with friends? During the ride, you can share fares to cut the cost of transport. Going out with a big group? Be sure to request Tuko XL, which can fit up to seven people.

Schedule a Ride Ahead of Time

With so many things to tick off your to-do list before embarking on a journey, why not schedule your ride in advance ? That way you’ll have peace of mind and can focus on the thousand and one other arrangements.

Of course, that goes the other way as well. There’s no need to stumble around looking for a ride or rental cars when arriving at your destination. Arrange an Tuko ride ahead of your arrival for a smooth exit.

Professional Service

Our drivers are generally polite and well-spoken. They never refuse to take you to any particular destination. They don’t even know your destination before they accept your call.

Unprofessional drivers are weeded out because passengers get to rate the driver’s performance. A consistently low rating will force a driver out of Tuko . 

All of the above and more foster a positive experience for ride-sharing customers.

Safety of Customers

Riders choose Tuko over other transportation methods for safety reasons. The company experienced serious incidents in the past, such as drivers attacking passengers. Tuko now requires all prospective drivers to submit to motor vehicle and criminal background checks.

Safety and Flexibility For Drivers

Safety is an important advantage for drivers working with Tuko Taxi . The riders using the service have registered their identities and their phone numbers on the app. They are not random strangers on the street.

Because the transaction is cash and cashless, a driver doesn’t risk unpaid fares or need to carry a lot cash for change.

Rude, aggressive, and disruptive passengers are weeded out because drivers rate their customers. Consistently low ratings or reports of unsafe behavior toward drivers can cause the deactivation of an account.