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    The Tuko Super App is here to make your life easy. Just a few taps on your smart phone can give you access to over 60 different types of on demand services instantly. Just download, register and start booking!

  • Taxi booking app RIDE BOOKING

    Get A Ride In Minutes! The Best Prices Pick Your Destination, Request A Ride, Meet Your Driver, Enjo...

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  • Parcel delivery app PARCEL DELIVERY

    Send and receive parcels of any shape or size within your city! Whether it is picking up groceries o...

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  • Food delivery app FOOD DELIVERY

    This app has it all arranged to get stuff delivered to your doorstep! Whether it is food, groceries,...

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  • Grocery delivery app GROCERY DELIVERY

    Purchase fresh grocery items from your favourite shops and get them delivered right to your home wit...

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  • Cleaning Services

    Affordable and quick cleaning services available on demand through Tuko!

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  • Video Consulting

    Get instant access to your preferred Doctors, Psychiatrists, Fitness Instructors, Astrologers, Tutor...

  • Service Bid

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How Tuko App Works


Equipped with a simple working flow, the Tuko Super app caters for all your requirements through a single download and log in. This is perhaps the most efficient way to get any service that you need instantly right from the convenience of your homes!

  • Login OR Register Login OR Register

    The easy to Login set up ensures that you can enjoy a seamless log in process using just your social media credentials or by registering using name, mobile number and email address.

  • Choose Service Choose Service

    Once you are inside the app, you can now choose the type of service for which you wish to hire a service provider. The app is also integrated with digital payment options so that you can pay using card or wallet in addition to cash.

  • Track Your Job Track Your Job

    Once you book your service, whether it is a taxi or any other options from the ones listed in the app, you can get a real time tracking functionality. You can now track Drivers / Service Providers in real time basis on Map. 

  • Its Done Its Done!!

    After the service has been rendered, the user gets a notification informing of the same. The User is now free to give a rating or a review to the driver/ provider/ store at the end of the order/ ride request.

Make Money with Tuko Super App

Provide your Services and Expand your Business

Register yourself and add your Services to our Company.
Service Providers offering specialised services such as Taxi Driver, Delivery Driver, Electrician, Car Washer, etc. can easily register with us and start providing their Services to all our Users. Restaurant Owner, Grocery Store Owner, Pharmacy Store Owner, etc. too can now register easily and sell their products to all our Users.

The Tuko Super app is a one of a kind all inclusive on demand mobile app based platform meant to support local service providers while offering the highest quality of services to our users. The idea behind building and launching this app is to make sure that all our users can enjoy a seamless experience in being able to access any and all kinds of services whenever the need arises.

Typically, the on demand service sector has been known to be extremely unorganised across the board through out London, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, Kampala, and Uganda. We have built this app to ensure that this unorganised sector can be tu ed into an efficient and extremely organised establishment for users as well as talented service providers who wish to utilise the potential of the inte et to grow their sales.

The Tuko Super app is a solution that the market has been looking for. Our experts have developed this app to make sure that the potential and the features of a smart phone, like online payments, seamless instant tracking, touch screen tap option selection and more can be used to make the process of searching for and hiring specialist service providers as easy as possible.

The features within the app are above the average industry standard and aim to please anyone who uses the app. The most prominent features of the app include quick download, easy log in using social media credentials, online payments, local language integration, local currency integration, seamless work flow, instant invoice and receipts, ratings and reviews, rewards and discounts and much more.

To be able to grasp the full potential of the app, you have to use it at least once! Just try out the app to hire a taxi, a bike taxi, buy groceries or even order food from your favourite restaurants and more through a single application.

Forget about cluttered phones with low memory because the Tuko super app is extremely efficient and light weight. A single app will now provide you access to over 60 different types of services whenever you want it.

What’s more, you can get all the details of the pricing as well as the ratings and reviews that the service provider has received in addition to their expertise and experience even before you hire them! What else can one hope for!

The Tuko super app has one single objective: to make life easier for the user in order to be able to hire any and all kinds of service provider with complete transparency. Don’t believe what we say! Try it out for yourself!

You no longer have to go door to door to look for an expert plumber or to get things delivered. One app on your smart phone can take care of everything for you. Eliminate the clutter and download this powerful app for your needs!

You don’t just have to be a user, you can also be a seller! Whether you just wish to offer services such as plumbing or electrical works or have a store that you wish to sell stuff from, you can register with the app and make a boatload of money! Need more details? Just drop us a line or get in touch with us. We have a network of multiple service providers across London, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, Kampala, and Uganda making the most of this app and you too can join the family!

Speak to us regarding your queries and we will help you out the best way that we can! Download the app today to experience a service hiring like never before. Download NOW!

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